Tuesday, January 6, 2009

From the (recent) archives

Since most of my crafty efforts in the last few days have gone to thinking of creative ways of getting a pile of new clothes from my mother-in-law to fit into my drawers, or researching other people's solutions for removing soap scum, I don't have a whole lot to show for myself (but my clothes are put away, and my tub is clean, and that's no small feat for me).

But! In the spirit of this new year, and documentation of my crafty endeavors, I've also started actually putting some of my old projects on Ravelry. It's an awesome site which lets you catalog your yarn, patterns, projects, and find other people who are working on similar things. Anyway. I haven't been knitting very much lately (not exactly sure why, other than that my handwork time in front of the TV the last few months has been going towards Christmas presents, or sewing binding on quilts), but here is my most recently completed project:

Rachel's Endpaper Mitts
Picture 020

It was my first experience with two-color knitting, and it was really fun, even if I am really slow! They even look cool inside-out
Picture 017.

Full disclosure: I started these before I graduated from college (Spring 2007), and just finished in fall of 08. But that's not really because it was so hard, or took that long. Just that I'm totally a project hopper.


  1. these things are so cool! my friend at school wears them...and i've always wondered where she gets them.

    so maybe someday (not soon) we will have this conversation:
    me: kathy, i'm having a baby!
    kathy: that's awesome! i'm going to knit you a baby blanket.
    me: actually, i'd rather have handwarmer things instead.

    =P jk jk.

    also, i'm sorry for taking up comment space =P.

  2. dude, kathy, those are awesome. and so exactly what i was looking for a few weeks ago. perhaps not those colors(simply because of my coat collection), but those are absolutely gorgeous.

    slightly jealous now. :)