Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't I clean up nice?

Well, not me, my closet. Having the luxury of a closet just for my crafty pursuits (thanks honey!), means I'm sometimes overzealous about what I'll buy or keep for scraps/refashioning/repair. Add to that occasionally wanting someone else to be able to use the room (it is, theoretically, a guest room, craft room, and office all in one), and I end up with a heap of stuff piled precariously in the closet, like those parodies of closets you see in cartoons.

Craft Storage (before)

This weekend, seeing as I did not forsee anyone else suddenly needing to use the room, I unloaded the closet, assembled some new shelves (a story in itself, really), and re-loaded.

Craft Storage (after)

Phew! I haven't quite done the major purge that needs to be done, but at least I can do that in an organized fashion, without fear of things falling on my head. And one of the coolest things?

It's like my own fabric store!

It's like my very own fabric store! (a la splityarn).


  1. Kuddos to you! Wish my closet, any closet in my house looked that good!

  2. Yay for organization! I like how this has turned into a craft blog...Maybe it was intended that way from the get-go? Is that what ameliorant means?

    Also, I tagged you because I know you read the blog :) Hope you're doing well!

  3. It wasn't exactly planned that way. An ameliorant is someone/something that ameliorates, or makes something better or more tolerable.

    So I kind of liked the idea of being someone who makes things better, whether that's making life better for other people in the corporal works of mercy (feed the hungry, visit the lonely, etc.), or just making things more beautiful, fun, simpler, etc. in my own life. Plus, the fact that it has the word "rant" as a substring frees me up to do that every once in a while.

    So around about New Year's I decided that
    1)I didn't want to hear myself rant about random things that much.
    2)A lot of the things I was pondering/might have included under the topic "making things better" was stuff that I didn't really want to share in a public forum.
    3)I really wanted to be more intentional about doing crafty things. I just like it, and I think it has good effects on my outlook and behavior.

    So, yep, this has turned into (mostly) a craft blog with the intention of prompting me to actually "make things better or more tolerable."

  4. *note* I think the form "ameliorator" is more common for a person. "Ameliorant" probably really only refers to inanimate objects. But I still like it.

  5. WHOA, totally jealous of your organized fabric! Mine is stuffed into plastic tote bins...not exactly inspiring.

    Thanks for stopping by my blawg, nice to meet you!