Wednesday, December 17, 2008

1 year

One year ago, I sat in the law school, locked out of my house, and started a blog. Well. Looks like a failure. Kinds of feels like a failure too. I can't tell you how many blogs I've been to where their hundredth post proceeds their blog's birthday by a mile. And mine...not so much.

To tell the truth, I've thought about this blog several times since I last posted. And then, sometime, probably a month ago decided that part of my problem was that I lacked focus. I don't really have an interesting enough life (at least the parts that I feel like sharing) to keep this blog personal. And yet, I'm not sure I'm a witty enough writer, or one with strong enough opinions, to write about current events or anything of the sort. Not knowledgeable enough to have a single subject blog.

But I don't really want to give it up. Even though I haven't participated much in the blog world, I've been an active consumer. And in some senses, even though the web is replete with wittier, more interesting, and smarter people than myself, I still feel the tug to "Produce before you consume, serve before you seek entertainment" (Josh Harris).

Another thing I've realized (okay, I realized it before too), but I'm realizing it anew--I like to make stuff. I need a little bit of creativity. So. I'm going to try to get more on top of using my camera and recording these projects. And this is going to be my "making things better by making stuff" blog. With maybe a couple of "making things better in a grander and less selfish sense" ideas or opinions thrown in here and there. But mostly, I think I gotta start small.

I'm writing this post, and hopefully a couple of extras in advance, so maybe that will make me feel like a good blogger and allow me to post more frequently. Maybe. Just maybe.

picture by flickr user pasotraspaso