Monday, May 25, 2009

Too many plastic bags

My husband doesn't think we have too many plastic bags. Granted, this is the accumulation of almost two years now (crazy), and we now have some cloth bags to take to the grocery store, when we remember. But like a lot of people, we often forget. So they've been stuffed in various corners of our house (mostly under our kitchen sink), and I think they must breed down there.

So I sent him out this weekend and gathered the bags. And sent them to live in the plastic bag recycling bin at the grocery store. We still have a supply under the sink for all the wastebaskets around the house, and I'm sure we'll still forget to take bags to the grocery store from time to time, so I think we'll be okay.

But maybe with fewer plastic bags, I'll be inclined to use real, cloth bags when I need something to stash my dance clothes in on my way to work. Or to put lunch in when it won't fit in those little insulated lunch bags that both of our families saved for us from graduation. And that's probably a good thing. Because carrying real bags makes me feel like a grown up.

And it helps me justify the pile of upholstery samples that I brought home last weekend with the intent of turning them into tote bags....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What's a girl to do?

What's a girl to do when her husband tells her that his college roommates want to get together? Offer to host, of course.

What's a girl to do when they take the girl up on her offer and she finds herself contemplating feeding 6 just-out-of-college age males? Get out her folding table and her biggest tablecloth, of course.

What's a girl to do when the only tablecloth she has that fits is a pretty dark red one that she got on Christmas clearance. She can envision such a tablecloth as a good Christmas or Valentine's Day, or Fourth of July staple, but it doesn't say "It's spring! Happy May!" to her. Go shopping for some fabric to make a table runner, of course.
May 001

And what's a girl to do when she's finishing the edge of the table runner and wants a little something extra? Sew a swoopy squiggle, of course.
May 009

And what's a girl to do when grocery shopping for this great adventure? Buy a bunch of flowers ostensibly for her guests, but also partly because she likes having flowers, of course!
May 002

We're having a great time, and we're so glad that all of the guys were able to make it down to Nashville for a get-together. And I'm glad that they let me tag along (even if I did find myself confronted with more toilet seats up than I've had in a while).