Sunday, May 3, 2009

What's a girl to do?

What's a girl to do when her husband tells her that his college roommates want to get together? Offer to host, of course.

What's a girl to do when they take the girl up on her offer and she finds herself contemplating feeding 6 just-out-of-college age males? Get out her folding table and her biggest tablecloth, of course.

What's a girl to do when the only tablecloth she has that fits is a pretty dark red one that she got on Christmas clearance. She can envision such a tablecloth as a good Christmas or Valentine's Day, or Fourth of July staple, but it doesn't say "It's spring! Happy May!" to her. Go shopping for some fabric to make a table runner, of course.
May 001

And what's a girl to do when she's finishing the edge of the table runner and wants a little something extra? Sew a swoopy squiggle, of course.
May 009

And what's a girl to do when grocery shopping for this great adventure? Buy a bunch of flowers ostensibly for her guests, but also partly because she likes having flowers, of course!
May 002

We're having a great time, and we're so glad that all of the guys were able to make it down to Nashville for a get-together. And I'm glad that they let me tag along (even if I did find myself confronted with more toilet seats up than I've had in a while).

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