Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hooray for Saturday

Office explorations

Some of the pots and pans we bought right after we got married are getting worse for the wear.  I had seen a restaurant supply store down the street, so we all set off on a little adventure this afternoon.

There was actually not one, but two restaurant stores less than half a mile from home.  But one was closed, and one didn’t have what we needed.  So we headed home, via the park.  Peter fell asleep, and A. and I stopped to do an obstacle course and attempt to play tetherball until he woke up.

It’s amazing how visiting a playground can make you feel young and old at the very same time.  Memories of learning to sit on the parallel bars, one of the highlights of my early elementary school life, and of playing tetherball at park campgrounds filled my mind.  But sitting up on those bars today felt more uncomfortable than cool, and my tetherball skills were more than a little rusty.  My taste for feats of derring-do just seems to have lessened.  But though I couldn’t cross the monkey bars or acrobatically dismount from the highest bars, I returned home quite happy with our little walk.  Sun, warmth, and my family.  Good stuff.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Gustatory pleasures

Discovering a new food

And a few words—We’re back!