Monday, October 29, 2012

Two weeks in photos

This does seem to be turning into more of a bi-weekly thing than a weekly feature, eh?  Little Brother usually gets short shrift in these things, so you’ll see a little extra from him this time.


Weekend walk.

Big Brother pulled the wagon all the way to the end of the little Nature Walk behind our house.  It was a long walk.

Doesn’t he have beautiful eyes?

This is my view on these walks.

Big Brother’s photography skills are improving.

He’s good at holding his head up.  He just doesn’t roll over.  Whenever you’re ready, little guy.

I posted a similar picture on Facebook, but this one has bubbles!

A. remarked that Big Brother’s overclothes were kind of incongruous with the bow tie, but I finally remembered this week that the playground is often wet and/or dirty so overclothes or a change of clothes are needed.  Overclothes are easier with Little Brother in hand, so there you have it.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Two weeks in photos: Chicago and before the party


Boy, it’s been a busy two weeks.  And I think I say that every time, so maybe you should take what I say with a grain of salt.  At any rate, we’ve been cleaning, and travelling, and guest-having, so I think that totally counts.

It’s amazing how empty our family room feels (and sounds!) with the soft furnishings removed.  Less amazing is how often that happens (read: very infrequently).

Our two prettiest trees (lucky us, they’re in the front of our house), have already colored and dropped their leaves

While travelling, Dad invented a new mode of transport.  Big Brother was a fan.

Look!  It’s the whole family!

Whole family shot graciously provided by my college roommate who came to Chicago (from Nebraska) for football, pizza, and a quilt.

The Bean—source of many wonders.

After a trip to the Big City, everyone has to pitch in assembling the new Ikea furniture.

The rest of the two weeks was a party, so I’m going to wait until I have some more pictures of the festivities in my hot little hands.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Four months*

It’s true!  He’s four months old!

I never did get a three month update up… sorry about that. 

At four months, Little Brother is the giggliest, happiest baby around.  At least when Dad’s home.  He loves chilling out where all the action is, whether it’s at the dinner table in his Bumpo, at knitting night at the yarn store, in the jumper, or just laying on a blanket.  If people are around, doing their thing, he’s generally content. 

He likes sitting better than reclining (the swing is about to be retired to the basement). 

He takes a little nap in the morning, and a gigundo nap in the afternoon. 

He’s skinnier than his brother was at this age, though I am about to put away some of the 3-6 month clothes, partly because the cloth diapers make his already long torso a little bit too long for the smaller onesies.

He continued to drool like a maniac.  When he first started, I thought maybe he was teething super-early.  Nope. 

He likes Big Brother, but Dad is definitely his favorite. Except for the whole milk thing.

This month he went on his first bus ride, and discovered his toes. 

He’s such a great little guy, and we’re so happy he’s a part of our family!

*It’s difficult for me to know whether Little Brother turned 4 months old yesterday or today.  Actually, I suppose it’s difficult for anyone to know;  I think “Leap Babies” get a year older on different days, depending on state law.

Photos from the week

We’re not anywhere near school age around here, but things still feel like they are shifting into a slightly higher gear.  Library story time started again after a summer hiatus, and for the first time we went to toddler time at the main library, rather than baby time at our local branch.  While we’ll miss Miss Jeanne and the other babies, toddler time was pretty awesome.

We’ve found ourselves in Kalamazoo a couple times this week.  Rather than waiting in the bank parking lot for our rendezvous, we headed across the street to the McDonald’s Play Place.  Big Brother loved the little airplane cockpit the most.

Football makes a good after-church activity, especially when you had to get up for the early Mass.  The matching gingham shirts were purely accidental, but they do look quite cute.

Four month post for Luke to come…