Monday, October 1, 2012

Photos from the week

We’re not anywhere near school age around here, but things still feel like they are shifting into a slightly higher gear.  Library story time started again after a summer hiatus, and for the first time we went to toddler time at the main library, rather than baby time at our local branch.  While we’ll miss Miss Jeanne and the other babies, toddler time was pretty awesome.

We’ve found ourselves in Kalamazoo a couple times this week.  Rather than waiting in the bank parking lot for our rendezvous, we headed across the street to the McDonald’s Play Place.  Big Brother loved the little airplane cockpit the most.

Football makes a good after-church activity, especially when you had to get up for the early Mass.  The matching gingham shirts were purely accidental, but they do look quite cute.

Four month post for Luke to come…

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