Monday, October 1, 2012

Four months*

It’s true!  He’s four months old!

I never did get a three month update up… sorry about that. 

At four months, Little Brother is the giggliest, happiest baby around.  At least when Dad’s home.  He loves chilling out where all the action is, whether it’s at the dinner table in his Bumpo, at knitting night at the yarn store, in the jumper, or just laying on a blanket.  If people are around, doing their thing, he’s generally content. 

He likes sitting better than reclining (the swing is about to be retired to the basement). 

He takes a little nap in the morning, and a gigundo nap in the afternoon. 

He’s skinnier than his brother was at this age, though I am about to put away some of the 3-6 month clothes, partly because the cloth diapers make his already long torso a little bit too long for the smaller onesies.

He continued to drool like a maniac.  When he first started, I thought maybe he was teething super-early.  Nope. 

He likes Big Brother, but Dad is definitely his favorite. Except for the whole milk thing.

This month he went on his first bus ride, and discovered his toes. 

He’s such a great little guy, and we’re so happy he’s a part of our family!

*It’s difficult for me to know whether Little Brother turned 4 months old yesterday or today.  Actually, I suppose it’s difficult for anyone to know;  I think “Leap Babies” get a year older on different days, depending on state law.

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