Friday, June 25, 2010

Another anti-seasonal finish

My Pasha

Actually, I suppose it wasn't anti-seasonal when finished. See the snow in the background of the picture? I know it just looks white, but I promise, it's real-live snow. Or was.

But now we can barely go outside without melting. Seriously Nashville, you've had more crazy weather this year...

The penguin? Oh, right. The penguin. I started him at least three years ago, while I was still in college. I was thinking about giving him as a gift to one of the geeky CS people I knew/know. Not only is Linux geeky cool and super-awesome, it also wins the mascot competition. Hands down. Started at least 3 years ago potentially as a present for a friend. He's been sitting without his feet stitched on and without eyes for at least two years. I finally got a package of those safe-for-kids eyes and managed to make him respectable, though his fate is undecided. For now, he sits on my desk and keeps me company.

Pattern? Pasha Yarn? the black and gold are both Cascade 220. The white is something random I found in my stash. Needles? No idea. Probably US 6.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

You mean Christmas projects should have been finished before Christmas?

The same sew-in where we made the Santa wall hangings, we also worked on two other projects:

Stockings were hung

Sew-in Snowman
A Snowman wall hanging.

Mom was nice enough to donate her stocking to me so that we would have two, and to use her fancy-schmancy embroidery machine to add our names. Now that we'll need a new stocking, I'm not sure what we'll do...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Again, I've fallen off the face of the earth, it seems

Pi necklace

But I'm still here.

Life has conspired to keep things busy around here, but I guess if the purpose of this blog is to help me remember some crafting details, I better get to documenting before everything flies out of my head.

And why might it fly out of my head? Pregnancy brain. I'm expecting a little boy at the end of October, and while I may not have left my keys hanging in the door yet, I wouldn't put it past myself.

So you might think that I've been concealing my crafty output because it's been all-baby-stuff-all-the-time. Not so much. As a matter of fact, news of the baby has really caused me to want to get on the ball on all kinds of older unfinished projects (so that it can become mostly-baby-stuff-most-of-the-time at some point in the future). So that's mostly what I have to show for myself. I'm hoping to make a post every day or two for the next week or so until I get caught up(-ish).

And that necklace? I made it in high school in lieu of studying for a math test. Each color bead represents a different number, and they're arranged to represents the first 100? 200? digits of pi. While making the necklace (several times--my knots weren't strong enough) I happened to memorize the first 30 or 35 digits. It was an accident! But people generally don't believe me when I tell them that.