Friday, June 25, 2010

Another anti-seasonal finish

My Pasha

Actually, I suppose it wasn't anti-seasonal when finished. See the snow in the background of the picture? I know it just looks white, but I promise, it's real-live snow. Or was.

But now we can barely go outside without melting. Seriously Nashville, you've had more crazy weather this year...

The penguin? Oh, right. The penguin. I started him at least three years ago, while I was still in college. I was thinking about giving him as a gift to one of the geeky CS people I knew/know. Not only is Linux geeky cool and super-awesome, it also wins the mascot competition. Hands down. Started at least 3 years ago potentially as a present for a friend. He's been sitting without his feet stitched on and without eyes for at least two years. I finally got a package of those safe-for-kids eyes and managed to make him respectable, though his fate is undecided. For now, he sits on my desk and keeps me company.

Pattern? Pasha Yarn? the black and gold are both Cascade 220. The white is something random I found in my stash. Needles? No idea. Probably US 6.

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