Friday, January 2, 2009

Adorable Presents for Adorable Little Girls

Being the oldest cousin and part of a relatively small family means that in my family, the wee little ones are scarce. As a matter of fact, for a while, I thought my youngest relative would be only three years younger than myself. Which doesn't leave a whole lot of room for all the awesome toy patterns I've found on the internet in the past couple of years.

But then I got married, and lo and behold, there were kids! Young kids! Kids who will henceforth have my handicrafts thrust upon them! Alas, there is only one girl. So even if I feel like a pretty progressive, cool gift-giver, you can bet she'll probably get some presents that I just don't feel right about giving to the boys. Enter Hilary Lang, of Wee Wonderfuls. Her site is full of the most adorable toys and embroidery. I waited with bated breath for the release of her Kit, Chloe, and Louise pattern. Three dolls+clothes+shoes+adorable pictures=awesome.

I felt a special place in my heart for Chloe. She has curly hair, likes computer science AND English, knitting, baking, and the Nancy Drew books. She's pretty much my hero. Faced with the realities of a toddler though, I sort of thought her hair might not live very long. So I made a Louise

Looking off into the sunset

I embroidered her eyes rather than going out and getting some wool felt. She's pretty pale, so all the fuzz from her hair shows up on her skin, as you can see in the picture, but I still think she's pretty adorable. I also had the best of intentions about making a whole wardrobe, a doll quilt, all kinds of stuff to go with her. But I didn't. She doesn't even have any shoes. But as my sister could tell you, "We're from Tennessee. We don't wear shoes." At least she's not naked. She stole Chloe's dress though (the nerve!).


  1. You're not very nice to me! Just because I said it one doesn't mean you have permission to say it over and over!! (I recently ran into your blog and thought I'd actually read it!!) Love you!! Are you coming to the sewing show??