Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kids Clothes Week Day 4

2012-04-26 201

First Day 3, part 2.  After Peter went to bed, I finished repairing the pants I mentioned on Day 1.   From Ottobre 4/2010, Hilleri pants, size 86 (I think).  I fused all the front leg pieces together, added length,  and narrowed the legs by about an inch.

2012-04-26 187

The good:

  • Green pants are awesome!
  • Yellow topstitching is also pretty fun.
  • I successfully installed a fly zipper.
  • Camouflage!

2012-04-26 181

The do-better-next-time:

  • Finish the seams the first time!
  • When pants are going to be rolled up, make an extra effort to have an even hem.


And now for Day 4—another pair of pajamas!

2012-04-26 213

Second verse, same as the first.  The topstitching is a little better (though it could still be better), the waist a little more snug and the fly a little better.  Plus it’s made out of his dad’s high school band t-shirt.

2012-04-26 212

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  1. That's awesome you are doing a great job with this stuff-- and it got so much detail!