Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kids Clothes Week Day 3

Rain, rain, come and play

Or, “Rain, rain, come out to play.”  I finished the rain pants just in time for this afternoon’s rain.  No, it’s not actually raining in the pictures.  But it did later.

Rain pants

From Ottobre 6/2010 (again), the Kuperkeikka velour pants in size 92, with lengthened legs.


The good:

  • They fit! See below for my caveat.
  • I put a lining in them all by myself.  It may be a little feminine, but it was on my shelf and served the purpose of protecting the membrane on the blue while still breathing itself.

Rain pants--lining

The do-better next time:

  • I sized up one size because I intend these to be worn over other pants.  In retrospect, I think I should have gone up two sizes—one for overpants, one for non-knit (though with some stretch) used on a knit pattern.  Especially because:
  • Serging the Gore-Tex was not a good idea.  It bunched and pulled strangely.  And I don’t know that Teflon feet or whatever exist for sergers.  Since the pants are fully lined (in my version), it’s unnecessary too.  I had to cut off the serged seams and try again.
  • I should really pay more attention to my bobbin warning light when sewing on something you’re not supposed to poke extra holes in.

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  1. I particularly love the picture of Peter with the umbrella. And there are tulips in the background!!!! Too cute!