Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kids Clothes Week Day 2

The best toy ever

I have a really awful picture of the rain pants I worked on today, but both the picture and the current state of the project are so depressing that I decided to document it with this little man demonstrating why I might want some waterproof pants.

He loves pouring things.  And stirring things.  And dumping things.  I have plans for a water table like this, but for now we have a plastic tub in the backyard and some things from the kitchen.  And it’s awesome.  Much better than the kitchen floor, which is where such things were taking place (and still occasionally do).  But we always have to have a new pair of pants after a water session.  Which is okay, but I thought some protective pants would be a useful item in the arsenal.  Not to mention there’s a creek right behind our house, and we need to go see how the tadpoles are doing.  So I found an elastic-waist pants pattern in Ottobre, some GoreTex that I had earmarked for another purpose, and I hope we’ll have some rain pants soon.

But not tonight.  I think I may cast on for a baby boy hat (the baby girl hat is mostly finished—just needs a button) and veg out in front of the TV.  Hey, a hat is clothes!

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