Friday, January 27, 2012

Making myself useful

When I go off and make something mostly frivolous (like my floor cushion), I occasionally get flack, since that usually means I’m ignoring a big pile of unfinished projects, or a pile of useful sewing that I keep promising myself and others that I’ll do.  And usually both.

It doesn’t normally bother me.  It’s my hobby here…at least I ended up with something.  But there comes a point when enough is enough, and I seem to go on a spree.  It started with altering a pair of my husband’s work pants and ended up growing from there.

Useful Sewing

A piece of flannel floating around my stash became a few more face wipes for a certain little man who enjoys playing with his food, a Kohl’s $5 dress became a much less dowdy length, a thrift store bathrobe was also hemmed for new-baby nursing this summer, and I found a much more attractive solution to the light from our bedroom stereo (previous solution was to drape whatever item of clothing was at hand over the display).

And there may even be more to come!  I’ve been cleaning up the basement, and created a “use it or lose it box” of clothes that I don’t wear anymore, or bought with the express purpose of refashioning, and just haven’t.  So, the hard deadline for this box is our move in the fall.  Whatever doesn’t make it into a more useful form, or back into the clothing rotation will go to the thrift store at that point.

Next up?  Some successful knitting, and some not-so-successful knitting.


  1. You've been busy! Reminding me of all the things I should be doing... ugh! Guess I better get on them it's just so much more fun to work on the pretty crafting items!

  2. My Jamaican friend who moved to the land down under also loves knitting. I'll tell her to start a blog like yours :-)

    by the way, check out my Christian blog