Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rest for the weary


One of the Christmas presents I really wanted to make was one of these floor cushions from the tutorial at Living with Punks.  Ostensibly it’s for my son, though I must say that it has been getting much more use from my husband, who sits on it when he makes a fire in the fireplace.  And really, it was mostly for my own entertainment, because I think it’s just adorable (much more so than the two pillows whose stuffing I harvested).

I especially love the piping, though I must admit a shameful secret.  I was at JoAnn’s to buy the cording, but didn’t have the pattern, and I didn’t buy enough.  That’s not so bad until you realize that I’m the geeky math girl who at points in her life has had 50 digits of pi memorized (I just checked, and I now peter out at 36), and I knew what the diameter of the circle was.  Suffice it to say, I inserted flat piping for the handle.

I’m now looking forward to making Peter some green denim pants so he can be camouflaged on his cushion.


  1. hehe, camouflage :):):)

  2. Ohh... you may have just added to my fun project list! LOVE! and the flat pipping looks fine!