Thursday, January 12, 2012

I finished some Christmas stuff!

Earlier this week I was packing up some of our Christmas decorations, and I decided before I packed them all up, I should probably actually finish the boys’ stockings.

The stockings were hung

You’ll have to forgive the picture repeat.  I thought I took better individual pictures, but I can’t find them.  At any rate, A’s stocking (the crazy plaid one), and Peter’s stocking (on the far right) were new this year.  Because the stocking my mom made me (on the left) is the Platonic ideal of all stocking-foot-shapes, I traced it to make sure my boys would be guaranteed the same ideal form.

A’s is scraps from old flannel shirts.  His arms are long, so any time we try to be economical and buy him cheap shirts, they inevitably become too short in the arms after too many washes.

Peter’s stocking features a mini version of this elf from Wee Wonderfuls, and his name in a fun font (from Da Font).  A font which I have subsequently developed a semi-obsession with (see this video).

Now, for that May baby, all we have to do is meet him or her, name him or her, and then I can get cracking!

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