Monday, February 25, 2013

Celebrate the Boy(s)!

Well, I have some grand plans for how I’m going to celebrate the boys in my life, but it’s good to start small, right?

Before and After

These pajamas are totally cute, and I love them.  But my kid is large-of-foot and long of limb, so I cut off the existing cuffs and feet and added my own.  Super comfy and super cute.  And that marked the end of my successes.

Green pants

These pants just needed the male half of a snap.  Unfortunately, the waistband is super-thick, and try as I might, it was not to be.  I’m looking for someone local with an industrial snap press, but I’m not super-optimistic that I’ll find someone before the pants are outgrown.  Particularly since I made these pants almost a year ago.  Luckily I have another kid!

Washi tape fail

Speaking of failures, the washi-tape-on-the-wall trick always looks super cute when other bloggers do it.  But this is what kept happening to me.


And then I took a timeout to celebrate the big boy in my life.  The one who goes to work so we can stay home and play.  Thanks honey!


  1. haha. love the washi tape honesty. I agree! :)
    And cute idea with the ribbed cuffs!

  2. Saw your cut off one-piece on MADE and it totally rocked my world today. Thank you! It's one of those really obvious, can't believe I didn't think of it things that will definitely help me out. I have a very skinny little one who is getting too long for his 6 month one-pieces but still fits in them otherwise. problem solved!

  3. PS--Sometimes I wonder if the washi tape trick is actually done on a horizontal surface and photographed from above?