Tuesday, February 5, 2013

8 months




What a great smile, right?

I’ve already already revealed the biggest accomplishments recently, but we’ve got some catching up to do.  Little Brother’s newfound mobility means lots of new interesting things to investigate, including the printer (a past favorite of his brother’s), the front window, and our basket full of balls (the knobbly football is particularly fun, as it doesn’t seem to roll the same way the others do).

He is also quite the eater, now that his parents have gotten with the program and stopped trying to put those silly spoons in his mouth.  His favorite food for flavor and ease of eating is blueberries, and I’m having quite a time keeping up with the demand, since Big Brother demands “berries table” too.

He likes to be where the action is most of the time, but plays pretty well on his own at happy times.  He and Big Brother are sharing a room now, but I’m not sure either one really notices (The three of us had some kind of stomach bug earlier this week and we took a nap together in my bed.  Big Brother definitely noticed that one.  He’s been fixated on it since).

His hair, which is light brown (of the variety that I predict will end up being dark brown)  could stand a trim around the ears and in the back.

He has two teeth (since before Christmas) and another one is coming in on top.

He doesn’t like getting in his car seat, though doesn’t seem to mind it once he’s there.  He enjoys being the shopping cart seat-rider for short periods, and even got to exercise his stroller riding skills while we were in California.

He still makes the best baby noises, and he’s very tolerant of enthusiastic brotherly love.

We love you Little Brother!


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