Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Photos from the week

I noticed two themes from this week’s pictures:  outside time and sleep (or lack thereof).  First we have Labor Day wherein I attempted to enforce family togetherness by taking us all to the playground.  It was too darn hot.  We made it about halfway there before we turned back, but the boys enjoyed the nice grass and attempted pony rides.

I sometimes resort to desperate measures to get my semi-communicative toddler to take a nap.  He was in the crib, gesturing madly at the changing table.  I asked him whether he wanted to put on his pajamas (they were on top).  He nodded, so we proceeded to remove his clothes and don the pj’s.  Except that as soon as the clothes came off he freaked out some more.  This (and still no nap) is the end result.

Just boys being cute.  Big Brother is going through another “I should hold the baby” phase.  It’s entertaining, if a bit stressful.

I have never, ever had this happen before.  Big Brother has fallen asleep in the stroller or in the car, but never just in the middle of the floor.  Another missed nap (he napped for twenty minutes in the stroller on the way home from the store, and thought that was sufficient), and at 4 pm, my house was quiet for longer than I like.  I woke him up a few minutes later, he sat beside me on the couch for a few minutes, and then he was out again.  I left him that time.

Went to the neighborhood art/craft fair on Saturday.  Not too much we wanted to buy, but a gorgeous walk, and a fun playground.

Our church picnic was Sunday after church.  Mass and the lunch itself were not so hot.  It was the first week of choir again, so I had both the boys in the pew, and, wouldn’t you know it, Little Brother was more upset than he’s ever been (and I still don’t know why).  Then we stayed in the sanctuary talking and barely found a place to sit (the family sitting at our table told their teenagers to sit elsewhere to make space for us).  But we got snow cones!

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