Monday, September 3, 2012

Photos from the week

Last Wednesday we finally made it to storytime at the local ice cream shop.  Just for showing up, kids get free ice cream, and a free book.  The boys were nice and shared their ice cream with us.

Little brother turned three months old (a post with a picture from our photo shoot to follow).  He celebrated by attempting to roll over.  Big brother had to help comfort him when he got tired of pictures (Big brother is saying “shhh” in the picture).

We had two trees taken down in our side yard.  I contemplated asking the tree guys where they were going next, because Big brother was absolutely glued to the window most of the time they were here.  The big piles of mulch where there used to be 35+ foot trees are still disconcerting.


  1. I just read "Owen" to Stacy's boys last weekend. It was a cute book!!

    1. Yeah, I was actually really impressed at their selection of free books. I thought it was going to be like the books from the Target dollar spot (either out of copyright or books of shapes, not requiring actual authors, kwim?).