Monday, June 27, 2011

Leaping before looking

We went into his bedroom this evening to find him sitting in the corner of his crib with his legs hanging out between the slats.  This seems to be a theme of his growing:  he is able to get himself into situations before he can get himself out of them.  Babies can sit before they’re able to move from sitting to laying down except by falling over.  They scale things before they figure out how to get back down.

Why, I wonder, is this?  To give adults practice running around rescuing children from their own newfound skills?  Or is leaping before looking one of those childlike traits that we are supposed to be learning as we “become as little children” on our way to the Kingdom of God?

When is radical trust, “stepping out in faith,” the highest good, and when is the shrewd manager the one to be emulated?

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  1. Thanks for this! Will have to think about that.
    Love your new design lay out too!