Monday, June 13, 2011

All kinds of firsts

Funny Faces

Today I walked into Peter’s room to find him sitting up in his crib.  He’s been practicing this sitting up maneuver for a while (most notably while I’m attempting to change his diaper), but this is, I think, his first real success.

As you can see from the photo above, he also has his two top teeth (the bottom two have been in for a little while).  After a couple of weeks looking snaggle-toothed, with only one top tooth (top left), the other came through a week and a half ago (the people at swim lessons noticed it for me).  It’s been catching up.

Peter’s had a runny nose for about a week now.  Nothing that seems to really bother him, except when he’s going to sleep at night.  Then he can’t fall asleep until we use the snot sucker, which wakes him right up.

Whether related to the congestion, the teeth, or neither, he’s also gotten really into making funny faces and sound effects.  Panting, nose scrunching, and tooth clicking are all in his repertoire.

He’s also getting ready to crawl.  I feel like I’ve been saying this for ages now, but I really think it’ll happen sooner rather than later.  With visits to or from both sets of grandparents and aunts in the near future, here’s hoping that we get to share this milestone.


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  2. How fun! Micah been moving through a lot of first too. Have you tried saline drops for the nose? We had a week of congestion with micah and the sucker would send him over the edge the saline seemed to dissolve most of it and we were able to forgo most sucking...

  3. I remember the first time Bella sat up in bed. I was traveling alone with her, away for a wedding. And I woke up and saw her sitting up in the portacrib and wondered how the heck she'd managed that. It sent me into a panic for a minute, maybe because I was already tired and in a strange place?