Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Photos from the week

More time outside this week, despite my foreboding about the coming autumn.  We finally brought Big Brother's Tee-Ball set outside.  Thus far, the best part is putting the ball on the tee.

Our sophisticated outdoor storage solution.

Big Brother's self portraiture.

When Big Brother gets up from his nap, Little Brother is usually asleep.  When we hear Little Brother stirring, Big Brother perks up, signs "Baby," and after I confirm that it is, indeed, the baby, he runs to the bassinet to peer inside.

I've gotten on another be-a-cool-mom-and-do-fun-sensory-stuff kick.  We tried shaving cream+fingerpaint.  A lukewarm success.  Hands had to be wiped every ten seconds.  And it's not like the child usually has qualms about getting messy, at least when the mess is edible.

Gametime reprise.

9/3/12.  Edited to fix broken picture link.

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