Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why I was hoping we would have a snowy Halloween

When I found out I was having a boy I went hunting for suggestions about where all the patterns for boys’ clothes were hiding.  The consensus seemed to be:  Ottobre Magazine.  And then my parents were awesome enough to get me a subscription for Christmas.  And I’ve actually made a number of things from my magazines, I’ve just been bad about recording them (which I need to rectify).


But here’s one fresh off the machine—the Pingu snowsuit.  I wanted to make it as soon as I saw someone’s completed version on the Ottobre English Yahoo group.  And since I was planning to make my child look ridiculous all winter, I should probably make double use out of it for Halloween too, right?

The recommended fabrics are velour for the outer, knit jersey for the lining, and a layer of batting as interlining.  Since Peter is old enough to be actually exploring the snow on his own this year (rather than just looking at it from his stroller), I decided that a waterproof outer layer was in order.  I cut out just one layer of polar fleece to use for the interlining, but decided that was inadequate.  So now it’s a real thick, real heavy sucker.  All the better to force waddling, I suppose.  This is the largest size, size 80.  I lengthened the torso by one inch and shortened the sleeves and legs by one inch each.  They still have plenty of growing room (the rib cuffs are completely turned backwards in the picture above).  Kid has a long torso like his mother.

Non-matching lining

I thought I had carefully lined up the lining fabric before cutting it out.  Obviously I wasn’t successful.

Excited to be a penguin

It might turn out that this is a little bit too cumbersome for my just-barely walking son.  But I do recommend the pattern for those with less mobile children!


  1. Oh my goodness! That is hysterical and awesome all at once! I wish we had cold weather because I want to be able to do this to micah! I'm always so jealous of people who show off the ottobre magazine... I love everything I see it them! I hope you share more!

  2. so glad to find your blog via your comment on mine today! i was reading your comment and was like "wait, i didn't mention my teacher's name?!..." Ha!!

    hope you are doing well (looks like you are)!

    you son i adorable. he looks like you!!

  3. So cute! And all the more special because you made it yourself. I've really been hoping to learn to sew, so hopefully by next year I'll have actually made some steps in that direction and I'll be able to make the baby's first Halloween costume!