Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I’m joining a knitalong

It’s really startling to me to count back and realize that I learned to knit 7 or 8 years ago.  Really?  Crazy.  And despite being aware of knitting blogs and knitalongs all this time, I’ve never joined one.

When I talked about my plan to no longer attempt to keep this as a craft blog, my friend pointed out that this was the reason we have slashes— a mom / craft / geeky / etc. blog is pretty fun.  And she’s right.  I like it when other people’s blogs cross those lines in the sand.

Case in point, this Baby Surprise Jacket knitalong.  Administered by Elizabeth Foss, an inspiring Mom/family/faith/homeschooling blogger if ever there was one, and who has just learned to knit in the last couple months.  And I love seeing her dive into it with her daughters.  So I’m diving in too.

I need to pick up the book from the library and swatch, but hopefully Peter Potamus will come out of it with his first knit-by-mommy sweater.  Yay!

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