Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mutual entertainment

Last weekend A. and I sorted through our closets, pulling out some of our spring clothes, and winnowing clothes that no longer fit, or just weren’t going to be worn.  Now we have a nice healthy pile of clothes to go to Goodwill or wherever, but I couldn’t help sorting through it first and pulling out some things for future projects.

Today I tore some pants into strips for a future picnic/outdoor quilt.  Luckily, my crafting companion seemed to think that the sound of fabric tearing was the. most. hilarious. thing. ever.

Fun with Fabric

I love how he startles at the beginning,  almost like this baby, who has been enjoying 15 minutes of fame lately.  Apparently his enjoyment of ripping sounds is not unique.  There are several YouTube videos (this one is my favorite—her dad rips up a job rejection letter), but they’re all ripping paper.  I actually tried ripping paper for him a week or so ago after I saw the videos, but no dice.

In the end, I ended up with a little higher stack of fabric, and the boy apparently ended up with a comedy show.



  1. A Giggler and a Bouncer? Perfect.

  2. Love the giggles. So infectious! Ben says: "A Baby 'aughing!"