Thursday, February 24, 2011



Peter Potamous has a lot of cute clothes.  But he only wears probably a third of them.  Part of this is because, like everyone, I have my favorites, and I tend to pick them out over and over.  But part of it is because some of his clothes, while adorable, are just functionally not as great.  Short sleeves?  Require me to put on two onesies—one for the sleeves, one for the cute.  I’ll do it, I just won’t do it all that often. 

And t-shirts?  Also require an underlayer, but still ride up and just loose some of their cuteness when they’re hanging up around the boy’s armpits.  So, armed with some of the cuter t-shirts, and a supply of onesies that I bought for 50 cents each at the thrift store, I went about turning the t-shirts into onesies.

I cut off the crotch of the onesies about three inches above the leg holes.  Then I turned it wrong-side out, and slipped it into the t-shirt.  I zig-zagged them together, wrong sides together, the cut edge of the onesie underneath the hem of the t-shirt.  Then I pulled it out and zig-zagged again so the hem would lay flat.

There are lots of different ways you could attach the two pieces, but this way the raw edge is hidden by the seam of the t-shirt, and if it gets warmer and he’s running around with no pants, it completely obvious that he’s wearing a cobbled together onesie.  It looks intentional, I think.  I did the zig-zag in the hem of the t-shirt so it looks like decorative stitching for the same reason."Decorative" stitching

Now I need to figure out two things—what to do with the new cropped t-shirts that I have left over, and what to do about shirts with no snaps or buttons or anything to help getting them on over giant baby heads…

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