Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bound and Buried

My parents live about three hours away, which means that holiday trips home are the perfect opportunity to pack supplies for more craft projects than I could possibly finish. Sometimes I have realistic expectations for what I will actually get done, and the rest is there just as backup, sometimes my eyes are just much bigger than my hands.

The principal task of this Thanksgiving vacation (other than spending good time with my family and eating entirely too much) was to attach this binding to three quilts.
Lots o' Binding

It's lot's o' binding. But with all the movies that had to be watched, and Wii playing to be done by the rest of the family, it got done. And then, in reference to the second part of the post title, I buried all the thread tails left over from quilting.

I'd show you a picture, but it would ruin a surprise, so it'll just have to wait until after Christmas (which, unfortunately is probably the way a lot of my posts in the next couple weeks will go--"I did something cool, I promise. I just can't show you what it was.") C'est la vie.

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