Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Idea the First

Checkbook covers
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During college, I developed the two-pocket pat. My ID went in my back pocket, my keys went in my front pocket. That was all I needed.

Then I graduated and got married, and I needed something more grown up than the wrapping paper wallet I made to keep my driver's license and whatever cash I had on hand. I got a grown-up wallet like I remember my mother carrying--one big enough for a checkbook.

But then we opened another checking account, and suddenly I needed a checkbook cover. Especially since it was confusing my husband when I used the vinyl cover from another bank.

So...the checkbook cover. I used the tutorial from CrazyMomQuilts. This requires a sample 7"x13." These were just large enough! There are a couple of larger pieces of this fabric, so maybe I'll end up with a bag and matching checkbook!

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