Monday, July 28, 2008

One year!

It's been one year since I married that man o' mine. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us, in body or in spirit.

And, as a special present to y'all, since I haven't done this yet...want some pictures? (what? twelve months isn't a long time or anything!).

Photos credits all belong to our photographer, the wonderful Cherry Li, high school friend of Adam's and photographer extraordinaire. Seriously people. These are all un-retouched and done without any additional lighting. A girl and her camera. And we don't look too bad, considering it was super hot and muggy (as it is apt to be at the end of July in Boston).


  1. Happy anniversary!!!!
    I miss you too! Sooo much. Maybe I Kevin & I can follow you guys when you move and we can be next-door neighbors. That would be so awesome. We could dog-sit for you. :)

  2. happy happy anniversary!!

    i can't see the pictures :(. maybe it's a south africa thing. i will check when i get home (soon!!).

    (also - you have a dog?)

    can't wait to see you...4 weeks!

  3. Lovely photos! I hadn't seen then before. What program is doing the slideshow on here?