Friday, June 6, 2008

Tales of Long Ago and Faraway Places

After Adam got done with classes, we headed out for a post-exam, pre-internship, exploratory tour.

We were actually in two new states for Adam (North and South Carolina), but we weren't even in SC long enough to see a welcome station.

Near Charlotte is an absolutely amazing fabric store--Mary Jo's Cloth Store--and it just so happened that I needed some fabric (of course I needed fabric. Have I ever not needed fabric?). Quilt backing, for our summer "let's try to not spend the inheritance of our firstborn on air-conditioning" bed-covering.

We quite enjoyed wandering around downtown Charlotte, though it was less-than-spectacularly-active on Saturday night. Highlights included:

  • A little mini-library next to a park (which we didn't really get to see because someone was having a wedding reception).

  • Pizzeria Uno's. Despite having earned a reputation in college for being anti-Uno's, we were both in the mood for some deep dish pizza. And I guess it's a good thing. When we got back, we looked it up, and the only Uno's in the state of Tennessee is in Maryville. The only one.

  • Wachovia plaza. Pretty. A really dark photo, though.

  • The building with a quiz. I can't remember what it was called, but it had these touch pads, and if you touched them, there was a sound (gong, bell, etc.). Apparently if you hit them in the right order (there's a clue on the side of the building), there's some extended song that plays and the building lights up). I didn't try to test Adam's patience by actually doing it though.

  • Staying in a hotel with a tv. I guess that's not so crazy now that we have a tv in our place (thanks Mom and Dad--we actually watched it for the first time last night for the Lakers/Celtics game). But in Charlotte we watched Top Chef, or something of the sort, and an episode of Project Runway.

And that was just the first (full) day!


  1. your firstborn will thank you.

    yay celtics! i am sad i missed game 5 + 6 (traveling to/in SA) but it is nice to feel rooted-enough in boston that i can cheer for the home team.

    (though i still won't support the patriots. i dunno why. just a thing, i guess).

  2. Yay for an update!! I can't believe you were in NC and didn't tell me. You would have had a free place to stay in Raleigh if you ever need it!

    Also, when i saw that SC sign, I thought it was legit and just a horrible rip-off of the NC sign. Then I realized Adam had the EXACT same pose...Blonde moment, even after reading what you said about not seeing a welcome station!

    I also ate ate Uno's this weekend. I was just craving it, I guess, since I haven't been to the one in Maryville in forever. Glad to know you enjoyed it!